Flu vaccination, or not?

After just finishing a nice bowl of cereal, I’m sitting here watching the news. You see today Jeff has asked me to take him to the county flu clinic so that he can get his flu shot. On the news though they are showing how at 6am the elderly has started to turn out at our local health clinic. Surprise surprise, today is the day they are forcasting to run out of flu shots. They are not even sure if they can serve the people already in the line. Today will be fun I tell you! 😉 If for some reason you were born under a rock, there has been a [flu shot shortage](http://www.cnn.com/2004/HEALTH/10/06/flu.vaccine.shortages.ap/ “CNN Article”) due to the UK having 40 some million doses that we’re scrapped due to quality issues. Like the article says, this is nothing new. However, why, year after year, are we always facing supply issues with something we know is going to impact us?

While Jeff and I stand outside in an uncertain line, think warm thoughts for us on this brisk morning and hope that the lineful of people don’t catch something else.