The Coffee Experience

The cat has been unleashed and its time to start talking about it. There is a new brew coming to Charlotte. [Jeff]( and I are going to start something new. We’ve been with the [PGDC]( “Planned Giving Design Center”) for around 9 years. It’s been a very informative set of years that has taught me many ins and outs of business and technology issues. It is time though that we multi-task a bit and work on a new creation. After a good look at franchise and other retail opportunities we went back to the thing we love. Coffee.

Satiny texture with a velvet finish. When was the last time you had a coffee experience? When did you allow yourself a moment to really enjoy the thing that amps and fuels you to do more? We bet it has been a while and would like to remedy that. With ideas stemming from sensuality and the experience of a good cup of a specialty drink we think you will agree and stay for more. Jeff and I have many passions this is one of them. Every morning at work we create a small press of coffee for ourselves. We’ve endured the pot of coffee, we’ve experimented with [Flavia]( and nothing matches what a person with passion and intent can create.

Care for a nice fresh press of coffee on your table? What about an imported tea infusion for your pleasure? I bet you can smell the aromas. You can even feel the great sensations of being taken care of by proprietors that do care. To add to the effect we’re fantasizing of bringing in indulgences (just say the word, don’t you want to add some?). Indulgences like chocolate, bonbons, truffles, bark coated brownies, cherries, and strawberries. If you can’t see yourself having an afternoon or evening haitus with us, what if we connected you by adding a solid WiFi network, an iTunes selection to enjoy while you are in our establishment. Would it help if we said you could order your coffee ahead of yourself? Maybe online? We’re toying with lots of ideas, and if you’ve got a good idea, let us know. I’m a creature who thrives on input.

This is what we’re playing with. I mean playing quite literally as we are having a blast freeing ourselves in this arena. We’ve had so much logical programatic work environments, this side of us exists and must be allowed to live. With the knowledge that we will succeed fueling us we look forward to bringing these ideas into a reality. As usual I’ll keep the updates coming and expect many of you at our Grand Opening.