On the road…

We’ve just crossed the NC/VA border. Filling up the tank and trading out with Robin gives me a little free time to read and such. I gave reading a try but it seems hyperfocus in a car that is bouncing down the highway takes a lot more strain on my eyes and I quickly bored. Here I am trying to get a blog post in, bouncy, bouncy.. Typing is more natural to me than most things so text flows easy enough.

We had a great trip. Interesting as always, but good the whole way through. I’ll have my pictures up as soon as I can once we get home. Its so hard to get quality night, non-flash shots. I love a good shutter control but that makes people have to stay still and quick live shots just don’t equate into that. heheh.

The wedding went off with out a problem. The coordination and execution of it all was great. The reception was also a great hit. Lots of tables of great food, an afternoon band, and a Motown style band for the evening festivities, which as Ashley and I conferred, was probably one of the best wedding band’s we’ve seen. Robin and I had a lot of fun. Robin shaked her booty with my dad and a few cousins which was cute to watch. We had a few good spins on the floor to the few slow things that were played. It was good to sit and chat with family through out the last few days. Good to connect. I look forward to Thanksgiving.

If you’re reading this Toes and Glovie, thanks for everything!