The Wise Man's Fear

The Wise Man’s Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle #2)

The Wise Man's FearTwice as deep as the first book it was absorbed faster than parched ground after a rainstorm. Beautifully articulated as we continue the education, remediation, trials, and tribulations of young Kvothe.

The few sticking points I had were time and age-related.

In this book Kvothe goes on a journey, there are 3 or so books bound in this one, and I felt they just crammed so much into such a small space. The Fae & Admere could have been a novella on its own, but they shrink his input into their country/world into a handful of chapters.

Kvothe also doesn’t seem to show the growth I would think to evolve along with such intense training and visitations. At the end of it all, he looks much like he was, just with more coin in his pocket–and something feels odd about that. The world ages you and after all his travels, experience, and female tropes he still comes out the other end more or less the same gawkiness. How was that possible?

That’s me picking the stitching though and as usual with me, it’s something that can be overlooked with a great treasure of story to go through. And there is a wealth of treasure to be had here.

As with all things the book nears its end, and I still feel we haven’t got to the crux of it all. Then my search shows that the next volume has been years in the making and still no sign of its release. Well… That produces a mixture of emotion with me. Much to be told, much to learn, one book to fulfill Kvothe’s journey.. It can happen as Rothfuss can cram quite a bit into small spaces. Maybe that’s the issue. It needs to breath more. Enjoy the journey and not just the destinations like a pinball wizard.

With a lot to offer, many lands to travel, many stories to be had–you should sit yourself down with this and enjoy it. Try not to get hung on YA moments, and all will be fine.