Review: Persepolis Rising (The Expanse, #7)

Just.. wow..

If you’ve made it this far you have to be an Expanse fan and if you are a fan there is no way you can be disappointed with this book. If you are I want you to tell me why. To me you have every plot element necessary to facilitate a great story and even better, it feels like just the beginning. If this tale continues to spool out another 10 volumes I couldn’t be happier. Bring on a Dune echelon if you catch my gist.

Here we see our favorites in fandom aging. A protagonist that ages get a lot of solidity, or maybe that’s because I think I’m the same ages as Holden is finally. You don’t change who you are, you just get more comfortable with who you are.

So the Laconians are waking up and stirring the pot with a 2×4 coated in sugar. Well. Ok.

They are building technology off the protomolecule? Well, of course, what could possibly happen that is bad?

Oh, it’s untested and you don’t know either! Come here boo, I’ll take a hit on the chin for that.

// Laughs Mirthlessly //

We have some great tales and substories unfurling here. New dilemmas with a regime that wants to conquer, aging elders, a trade union that is trying to find its way, new players–all trying to find their way with moral ambiguity always hanging around like a noose in the wind.

Like usual I don’t want to give away more than I should. You should really read this, you should really read the entire series. It is great science fiction but it’s not too heavy-handed in the geekiness of it. Mostly the focus is always on human behavior and the slippery way we judge what we see, and how what we see changes with time and circumstance. Great fodder for critical thinkers.

Enjoy this book and pace furiously for what Durate, ahem, High Consul Duarte does next.

// Mumbles something about storming heaven….. //