Review: City of Miracles

City of Miracles
City of Miracles by Robert Jackson Bennett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a fun series. Each book was separated by a handful of years. Enough time for perspectives, aging, getting comfy with the world and it’s quirks after the blink. I’d sorely like to read a novelette of the hey-day of gods as their remembrances are just shadows and historical fantasies.

This world has always been drawn from our own. Saypuri obviously have Indian influences, Sigrud and his folk are some combination of Russian & Northmen. The “Country” I always wonder if it has some USA tendencies. Just margin notations.

We return to Sigrud..

“There were things you knew. Then there were things you knew you didn’t know. And then there were the things you didn’t know that you didn’t know” — Sigrud

Hiding, waiting, wanting both salvation and death but not allowed either. Poor guy. A weapon without a target.. Until..

What has Ashara unearthed this time and has it cost it her life?

Ahh.. The children of the gods might have something to say about the world, about their treatment in it. So the story goes. A crime, a weapon hunting its target and the story it weaves in destruction, reunion, and like a phoenix–it’s rebirth.

What a tremendous sin impatience is, he thinks. It blinds us to the moment before us, and it is only when that moment has passed that we look back and see it was full of treasures.

Enjoy this final take on a world of miracles; the past, the present, and something miraculous for the future.

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