Review: Use of Weapons

Use of Weapons
Use of Weapons by Iain M. Banks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars (3.5 really..)

I finished this a few weeks ago and I had trouble thinking of the review. I was in a stressful place and this book has a lot of back and forth in timelines and the engine that moves it forward was to me a bit clunky. I kept getting lost, having to re-read, and when you struggle both in real life, and in a book, it just makes it slow going which then leads to demuring if it’s a good one. As the book concludes it has a massive saving grace in the culmination. Otherwise I thought it was a 3* at the time.

Upon my reflection though and reading the next in the Culture series I realize how the overall series is mapping out. It’s operatic-sodal, yea it’s my new word. There is a cannon and these are mini-views into those lifes. They could span hundreds, maybe a thousand years, and we get these snapshots into the timeline.

This book was far more story driven on past discrepencies, family feudal, and the Cultural stance of walking it’s fine–fine–not-so-fine line of messing with others.

If I re-read this in a few more months I think I would enjoy it more. Due to the way it was written and my mindset I think a lot of the mire was self-imposed. It is not flawed in its style, prose, or thoughts. Just be somewhat aware that the way it winds its world, history, and current tense may take a more pragmatic approach than the previous, or the next in the series.

Have fun, and enjoy the culmination.

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