Review: A Gathering of Shadows

A Gathering of Shadows
A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Bastard left us at a cliffhanger, though.

Sigh.. I try not to start things that don’t have endings. Humans are pained by things they don’t know. This pains me. heheh.

Ok, so welcome back to three–er–four–London’s. The indefatigable Delilah, the Royal Brothers–er–son Rhys–and–kicker Antari Kell, and a host of others. Including a well characterized Alucard.

I told my wife this book reminds me of a cross between the fantasia of Alice and Wonderland (or really just the taste in the air makes me think this) and Sanderson’s Mistborn Trilogy Boxed Set. It might just be that they have women who gain power and are both crazy, strong willed, and beautifully illustrated. In a world that thrums with a soulful magic.

I like these characters and world. I think Kell & Rhy both don’t solve their problems enough and droll-fully sulk in their unresolved personal issues but that’s my MO right?

I’m not sure how much to let on to. Can we talk about Black London and Holland? No? Ok.. Fine.. Be that way.. Can we talk about the Tournament and what Lila can do? No? Thhhrrrrbbttt—Fine. What about..

This book seems spoilerific. Let’s sum this up by saying magic is put on display in a tournament which gives us some new nations to think about, use of magic to watch, some hints and the systems in play and the court drama that rolls around these characters like a storm-driven tide.

Now I just need to find the patience and long-term memory to remember all of this when the next volume comes out. I bid you luck in waiting with me.

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