Children are in a State of Zen

Logan is rounding 20 months, almost 2 years old. Watching him grow has been an amazing pleasure as every day is awe inspiring to him. I’ve always loved psychology and seeing his mind develop from blinks, notions, thoughts, actions, and more is just a daily revelation to who we are.

Logan's First Snowfall

Present in the Now

As I watch him grow he is always in a state of now. To see him interact with the world in a fully present state of mind means he can give all he is to the moment. It is full of light, wonder, curiosity, and the spectrum of emotions that roll in the moment.

Zen is Fleeting

Expectations, thoughts of what comes next are still young in his mind. Slowly I’m seeing the dichotomy of his self. Rising from the depths of one is splitting into the present thought, the emotional thought, and the future thought. Many times they are not aligned and this causes him stress. It’s both amazing and sometimes sad how we develop into who and what we are.

The Adult Zone a State of Flow

Now when I enter my own states of rhythm, focus, and flow I respect it even more because it reminds me of the unified self that we start as. Enjoy your moments in these states and try and make time for them. They are when you are at your best capacity for work, creativity, and enjoyment. No divisions.