The Great Logan Attempts Escape at the shop

It’s been an amazing few years and I’d like to pick up my threads I’ve left quiet for a while. I have a lot to write on but many times it gets lost in the noise of work and home responsibilities. Distilling 2012 was on my list though and I’d like to remember the finer points.

Nuance Labs Consulting

Clients and work are tidal. I had a good year of completing projects which kept me entertained and challenged, meeting new people is always exciting.

I’m not able to stretch the full extent of my engineering muscles much anymore and somewhere I regret that. I am however happy to continue my education and understanding of psychology, marketing, and media mediums that can be used to help clients acquire and grow their business.

The Secret Chocolatier

Never have I worked so hard or worried so much. Having everything you have and are on the line every day, every month makes for perspective and fast educations. The 2012 year taught me a lot about retail cycles and the need for a focus on ongoing sales goals.

The-Secret-Chocolatier-Wedding-CakeThe business owner in me has a lot still to learn and a massive amount of work ahead to strive towards a foothold of success. The chef in me however has had so much fun this year creating new products from our sea salt butter toffee to roasted pecan cherry salted bark. I keep finding ways to create chocolate crack and if I gobble it up, usually I can find others who will to. Food, instant gratification, rewarding. Yea.

I know we’ve done well though looking through the lens of those who have reflected bits of who we are. See our media mentions. We just need to keep it up.

The Ciordia Family

While we work incredibly hard we still try and find time for our smaller nucleus of a family. Quick retreats, a moment to ourselves, a movie–even on the couch, is rewarding.

I even finally found the time (more so the will) to cut my hair off after 20 years of being a long-hair. While I can say the first few weeks were definitely an adjustment I’ve grown fond of the new look. I’ll stay with it for now, heck it’s still longer than many but just long enough for me.

The Great Logan Attempts Escape at the shop

2012 saw Logan go from 5 months old to 17 months. I’ve said it before, we’re amazing creatures. Growth, vocabulary, independence–oh the independence!  As soon as Logan’s legs were steady he is all go, go–go!

Our workspace has been under constant evolution at the shop. Once he only needed my arm to hang on and a changing table. Now we have more gates up than a scientific rat trap and we’re never sure if we’re gating grand-pa Bill in or Logan out.

Not only with our family but my sister Cat is now a nurse, my nephew is growing up quick at 9, my other sister Elizabeth has had her first baby girl Tobin, and my brother David now has his first Luke. Our family tree has a nice set of branches and it’s going to be great fun watching everyone grow.


2013 will continue to be a difficult grade to travel. If we can push well into the new year with growth and new avenues we should find a traction that brings us into a new phase of stability and less “oh sh*t” moments. I look forward to that.  It’s both amazing and sometimes heart breaking time to be doing all of this. Our lives are held together with love, smiles, Logan’s giggles, and a family that knows how to pull together (oh and a few skydives never hurt.)

2012 showed us what was wrong, what was right and we are deeply ready to apply ourselves anew in 2013.

I am lucky to be married to a strong resilient wife and have such a happy son that doesn’t seem to mind the chaos he is growing up around. It isn’t what I had planned but as I have learned over the last decade planning rarely if ever goes accordingly.

Goodbye 2012, you were a helluva test to my wits, strength, and sanity. 2013 lets see if we can find more opportunity and growth for all.