First Month of Logan Ciordia


July 15th, 2011 my first son was born into the world.  We’ve had our trials and tribulations but the birth of Richard Logan Ciordia was without incident.  Robin began mild contractions on July 14th, at around 1am.  For 21 hours we stayed at home and I got to take care of her, 3 square meals, a bath, even a little wine recommended by our doula to keep her relaxed for the long haul.  Her water broke amid transition and we went to the hospital where a calm and collected Robin said she really wanted to push and the nurse midwife didn’t really believe her.  On inspection she was -2 and Logan was nearly waving at them to let him out.  A quick 45m later Logan entered the world with a squeal and ready to have his first of many many feedings.

Richard Logan Ciordia

That was his birthday in a nutshell.  I’d have love to written this earlier but being a newly minted father, self-employed to many businesses I can easily say how overwhelmed I was, and rather still am.

The journey since then has been trying but expected.  If you are a parent you can grin and remember where we are. Sleep schedules that start at 8pm to try and fit 7-8 hours of cumulative (yea cumulative–no more contiguous) sleep.  He feeds nearly every 2 hours from mom.  Robin is a trooper, as always.  She is woman hear her roar and all that.  She keeps up with Logan’s demands like they were nothing and only into the evening starts to show wear.  I support her wherever I can.

Logan came into the world 7lb 8oz and is now a 9lb 13oz, I’d say he’s getting everything he needs.  I try and work a few times a day on tummy-time, neck building, baby massages and the like.  He’s not a docile one so we try and have him well entertained.  He started that way and has continued to be so, wide eyed.  His fussy moments are all valid so-far; I need a new diaper, feeding, or working on putting things in the diaper.

The Littlest Chocolatier

It’s been written over on The Secret Chocolatier’s Blog his first visit to our shop. Now he can be found with us in the shop nearly every day.  He doesn’t like being left alone so Robin or I can be found with him in a sling doing work or having a grandparent give him some love.  He has no idea how loved he is or how lucky he is to have so much family (and chocolate) around.  It’s going to be neat seeing him grow up in such a social environment.

I could say more but there is always more to be done.  We’re overjoyed with Logan and are looking forward to seeing him develop around us.