Finding a Path In Chaos

Habitat for Humanity Mud Volley Ball Tourney 2008

Summer fever is striking at people around me. Even myself trying to stay sane, accomplish a mountain of tasks, and still find time to play as well tough.

Charlotte Art

Recently published Justin Abraham’s post and video interview. It was way past its due and getting it out felt so very good. I hope you all can enjoy it as well.

Flying the Friendly Skies

[Skyfest]( is coming, Skyfest is coming. One reason I’m trying to work so hard is to get ahead of a break I’d like to take. Some people wouldn’t consider taking a break streaking across the skies at 130-180mph a break but it is a wonderful thing for my psychology.

If you are looking for some fun June 4th-9th come visit. [Skydive Carolina]( is going to be flying 200-400 people over the duration of the Skyfest / Rodrigez Boogie. Even as a non-flyer it will be a spectacular event to come and see.

Lost Loves

Recently we lost one of our beloved establishments. Cupps Cafe was a shining oasis fending back mediocrity and conformity in food service. Its life was cut short and many people still do not understand the reality of what went wrong. Only that something did.

When something is hemorrhaging that you love, please try and and communicate the issues at hand. If you are good and have a following amazing things can happen if you want to fight.

Facebook Playoffs

Jeff and I have been working with a lot of small businesses these days and helping them to find a path in the maelstrom that is the internet. We’re going to be working on a educational package that everyone can benefit from. To start the party we’re using [Facebook]( to teach small businesses the value of, and how to utilize it as a platform. If you are small business, or a person who works with small businesses perhaps our group can help you too.

Pathfinding is a Sport

While I might be in a long duration run I can say I’m having a blast.

Every day I am faced with new challenges, helping myself, or others, and on topics that I enjoy covering. There are a lot of amazing people around me and I am enjoying spinning the creation wheel to make new things where there wasn’t before.

If you want to see some crazy fun new video stuff I’ve been playing with run over to IMI Photography and check out the Mud Volleyball video. It was a great event, and the production is pretty cool too.

As usual, and I don’t know if it’s good or not, most of those around me are whirling dervishes as well. If you are reading this check in with me, write a comment or throw me some Facebook Wall message letting me know you are doing ok.