Participating Locally is Fun

Second interview is up at Charlotte Art. I spent some time with an illustrator who is crazy in the good way, Alex Lee.

Rewards of Life are Simple Things

Spending time with people and learning about them is really rewarding. A living story. One I want to help see a happy continuation of. The early reviews are positive and the community is really digging the effort so I’ll continue.

Gaining Efficiency

Now I only need to get my time per article lessened. I’m really done with general editing and writing fairly quickly. What is a huge time sink is the final touch, pulling it all together with technology.

Programs crash, or my computer is too slow (are they ever fast enough), or the editor in my head wants one more part snipped, clipped, rewoven, or did I mention the interoperability issues? Man they are the biggest pain. Little snafus in one app that don’t jive well with the next program.

Metropolitan Mixer: Jocelyn Ellis

Metropolitan Mixer

The metro mixer at Prevue was a blast. Regional vocalist Jocelyn Ellis, DJ Southpaw, artist Justin Abraham (he’s coming next to Charlotte Art), and the God City Artists did live and presented works.

Support people around you that try and rock, that’s the message of the day. I’m having a lot of fun doing what I can, what are you doing?

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