From Sun up to Sun Down, in the Rock Hill Area

It’s been a full day for Robin and myself. A bunch of photography friends were heading to Asheville for some lessons, others were following along to take pictures on the town. I wanted to do something more normal. What’s more normal and low-key than visiting friends and skydiving? hah!

We woke early and bolted across the South Carolina border ready to see some good friends we don’t see enough of currently at Cupps Cafe. You can’t beat their cinnamon rolls and scones for a perfect way to start the day.

Hanging out till lunch time we grabbed a couple of “Mother Cluckers” and bolted to the dropzone down the street at Skydive Carolina to get some well needed therapy.

I’ve been grounded because of travel time, reserve repacks, and good ol’Winter Mother Nature. The skies just haven’t been friendly (and during February their not supposed to be) until today. With the temps in the 60s and a wind holding at about 15mph I got aloft and cruised around the skies in torpedo like fashion.

Gene repacked my reserve a few weeks ago and I had him flake my main. He used it to show students what a long term pack job does as mine came out in a pretty good square. It would have deployed, just sniveled a lot. No worries!

Today’s ride was great. Soft opening into a light right turn. I hung around the tandems then found a holding pattern until 1k where upon I entered the landing pattern.

Having a steady wind brought me nearly straight down and a perfect soft landing awaited me. What a purification process for the mind. Like a friend said, ‘You look blissed’, and I felt it.

We ended the day by coming back into Cupps for a dinner round where we drank a fantastic crisp sweet Riesling, ‘Clean Slate‘, while working on the text for an upcoming Charlotte Art. Migrating over time into nachos and some delicious white-bean pork soup. Man this place rocks.

Time to head home.