Sipping Coffee Thoughtfully

Robin and I are out at Smelly Cat in NoDa, reflecting, pausing before running more. I wish I could have bought this place a few years ago. Man I’d have turned it into something special. Ah well, in another reality I’m sure it’s going on and I rock. It’s all good though, we’re going to rock in any reality. hah!

Strobist gave IMI a little link mention with the video we put out of the recent meetup outing. We have nothing but love for the growing communities around us and are glad to see them blossoming.

To the extent that I’ve started a new blog, Charlotte Art (.info), in an effort to start tracking down and helping local artists into the light. There are many and they are all so impassioned.

I like to think I’m building a bridge between the constructive–imaginative local artists and local designers, decorators, project coordinators, editors, etc, that can utilize the talented people around us.

Signups for either way of traffic coming soon. You can email
me as well.

I’ve been running so fast from one event, fire, request, meetup, responsibility, after another. It has been a great pleasure to meet many new faces, artists, farmers, people.

Somehow I managed to create a plethora of new sites (if you use IE stay away for now or install firefox today). More like they have finally matured to semi-usable states. Check out the new IMI landing page and see for yourself. The main Photography site needs love but it feels pretty solid, the real one that I need to finish up is the new gallery / portfolio. I just need more time in the day. Who doesn’t. Luckily I really enjoy the work.

Lots of new initiatives and maturing other ones on the horizon. 2008 is feeling pretty strong.