Leaving the Fluorescent Halls

We live in a moment of [impermanence](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impermanence). If we live in such a moment why aren’t we making the most of it. Why give energy into anything other than enjoying the experience by maximizing it?

Sand Mandala captured by Ron Metcalfe

I have (with great consultation of my wife) resigned from my former employ. That is to say I have left that which was comfortable for the vibrant dynamic life of an entrepreneur. Jeff’s [talking](http://blog.nuancelabs.com/2007/06/02/when-is-it-time-to-take-the-plunge/) about it.

We’re jumping all the way in to our passion–making us all [rock](http://liquidminded.com).

I got my first technology gig when I was 15 selling the first internet service in Charlotte. I remember going to business meetings and PC groups preaching what online connectivity would do for you. Can you believe how fast we’ve assimilated?

For the last 10 years I’ve honed myself into someone who just solves problems–people, graphical, engineering, environmental, and in between. There are questions that don’t have answers, but most of the world is run by a lot of things that _have_ answers. You just have to find the organization, association, peer group, blogs, usenet, irc, [continue list of sources] and filter the history or provoke a current discussion. It’s amazing.

Like [Scoble](http://scobleizer.com/) has mentioned for his work, you have to learn how to filter the inputs to gain relevance to find what you want, quickly. Know the problem, scope out the domain, find existing solutions or connect dots and develop new solutions, gather resources, implement.

The human filter needs help.

In this domain full of partial productivity (application) solutions the only people I see giving deep thought is the [OSAF](http://www.osafoundation.org/) [Chandler Project](http://chandlerproject.org/Product/ChandlerProjectHome). After a foundation of GTD going through Chandler made for some interesting synergies.

Unfortunately the complexity grew way out of line. If you can’t refactor something complex then you need to be worried. It only takes a few of those to make a solution [clunky](http://blogs.salon.com/0002007/2007/05/29.html) and once you give in to one you can easily give in to others. It’s better to table the idea if you stall and come back to it.

Later you’ll figure out what you really wanted to say, but couldn’t find it, have another solution, or you’ll realize what you wanted wasn’t really needed after all. As [Jeff](http://blog.nuancelabs.com/jeff) can attest, sometimes getting there can peel the paint. Taking a break can give you critical insight that you might miss in the moment.

The application we’re honing takes into account everything that has pissed us off about solutions since we first tried to live GTD lifestyles years ago. I really don’t like paper, but I put up with it. I put up with the best solution of the moment and that can flux depending on how angry I am at one vs another.

I want to live more in rhythm. Not only for myself, but with my network, my friends–my family. Why can’t we all help each other out and find a better rhythm for it all? That’s the itch I scratch. Personal communication, interaction, responsibility, with the ability to reflect on my history and work towards my future.

[David Allen](http://davidco.com) lays a compelling [framework](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Getting_things_done) we’ve enjoyed immensely. We took a hard (amazingly hard) look at what tenets [bear weight](http://www.43folders.com/2005/12/07/ethan-hacks-gtd/) and those that are personal choices and turning that into a flexible, shareable, easy to use, access/input near anywhere solution. Piece of cake. I stayed at a [Holiday Inn Express](http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0BDW/is_22_42/ai_75286757 “Humorous Ad Campaign”), you have no idea what I can do now. haha!

For Real?

No! It has taken a lot of hard work (is fun hard work really hard?) just to get to this point. Eight months working towards a solution before it was decided that we would seek outside help, four more months to know we were solidly on-track and needed funds, three months to realize our brains we’re exploding with split resourcing. Today finds me working hard on a capital campaign to see this vision manifest.

Expect the unexpected or you won’t find it.

I am so psyched it’s hard to sleep. Thanks for all your emails of encouragement and great thoughts along the way (my support network rocks!). This new book we’re all cracking open is going to be one helluva journey.