The Time, How it Flies

The weeks are peeling by. I seem to step out of focused work later and later. My drive is amped and everyone around me is spinning plates at high velocity.

Nuance Labs has cleared the hurdles of birthing all it’s business, presentation, and pitch materials. We’ve got so much passion for our product it’s unbelievable. Now we’re on the prowl to fund the beast properly. The [Nuance Labs]( website is on the verge of upgrade completion too. It’s great to fully bring our new brand together. I’m really psyched.

Robin’s working part-time at the [DZ]( It lets her stay involved and make a quick buck while I’m riding the air (up to 26!). We’ve even decided to pick up a little cabin on site and are going to make it a little home away from home. Can’t help but want to hang out where all the cool people are. :o) If you need a change of venue and some spirits that stay pretty high, check out your local DZ.


The day’s are getting longer and I’m using all the time it provides. I’ve yet to discuss the [Grateful Growers]( farm dinner [project]( Great food plus awareness makes for a fine evening in September. We’ll be doing a silent auction and I’m providing some photography and a book photo journaling the making of it all. That means I have a lot of field work to do and Spring has sprung into action. Time to get out to the farms which are providing the dinner elements.

Myriad of things in between but every time I editorialize this simple rant the more time I’m spending not progressing elsewhere.