2000 Bloggers, Knowing your Neighbors

I joined 2000 Bloggers early in the thread as the meme was about to catch fire. Only the SEO experts knew what it was going to do, the rest of us have just been enjoying the weird and interesting event. I thought it would be nice to follow what some of the 2kB‘rs are doing by learning who your neighbors are in the sea of faces.

2000 Bloggers Photo Montage

1. Shelagh Watkins

A double submission she really resides [here](http://shelaghwatkins.co.uk/). Trained in IT and the fine arts (sounds familiar), she enjoys the arts and has recently published a short-story [Mr. Planemaker’s Flying Machine](http://www.publishamerica.com/shopping/shopdisplayproducts.asp?catalogid=9533 “Publish America’s Site”)

2. Nick, The Voice of The Filipino

Nick seems to care a lot for everything Filipino, Philippines, and Pinoy. He’s using his blog as a platform with which to speak his mind. From what I’ve read of Mr. Nick he cares deeply, questions well, and is looking for answers like everyone else. He doesn’t seem to be an overt instigator but just a good realist tackling the things he sees.

3. John MacDonald aka MacBros

A Canadian by birth, John wants everyone to know how boring he is but I think he’s pretty funny. He’s got a serious wise-ass streak in him and he channels that in to his day to day routine.

4. Mole & Lola’s (aka James and Andrea) Dump Trumpet

Self professed link dumping ground, it’s hard to find a relationship that I can really say ‘hi’ to. “There are a lot of link sites out there but DT is there to provide regular, interesting and fun sites without the usual smut.”

And there you have it.. a thin slice in the very odd and controversial 2000 Blogger pool.

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