Pinballing around the Big City

NYC 007: City View in to LGA, 2
We’re back from our quick stint in New York City. Whenever we are in the area I feel like crack is in the water. Our senses–palate–[eyes]( “Flickr NYC Set”), were sated. Let’s catch up those that weren’t following the

(’s, or [photos on the go]( “Flickr + moBlog”).

What do you do in the city that never sleeps and can offer you nearly anything. Actually not much if you don’t have a clue (i.e. analysis paralysis). Luckily through trial and error we’ve figured out a loose organization of ideas, recommendations, and select guidance can make a trip perfect. Like I said when we were [heading]( out we took our [Slow Food]( book and a few itinerarys.


Cafe Grumpy

I love the Grumpies. How can you not? Chris parachutes (figuratively) with his wife, Caroline and a severance package to open the first Grumpy in Brooklyn. Then they lateral and open into a great slice of Chelsea. Each location thumping a soul of great people and coffee. The world needs more of these powerhouses. They know the coffees they serve and happily educate those who enter their halls.

Chelsea Market

We had heard the tales and had to see what it was like. My mental map and it didn’t align. I thought it was America’s answer to the [St. Lorenzo Market]( “Flickr Pics: St. Lorenzo Mercato”) in Italy…well…a guy can dream right? It did however have all a foodie could generally want. I could not stop jibbering about finding frozen & dried porcini. A bunch of bakeries, a great wine shop, butcher, Italian importer, and a few other good things in a neat corridor/concourse of a building.


A first timer to any MoMa museum. Target’s sponsoring “Target Fridays” that let the public in for free during Friday afternoon/evenings (4p-8p I think). We like the idea of saving a little cash while seeing some culture. The culture was on the walls and in the halls as the place was packed with people. We saw some fantastic [artwork]( but couldn’t help wonder why there weren’t many (any?) modern artists in the modern museum.


Mary Poppins

Robin and I had a fun time seeing Mary Poppins. It’s childhood classic that had us comparing memories to the show. Ashley Brown does a stellar job while being supported by a well polished cast. We thought about waiting around to say hi, but this day the wind and chill really penetrated and ripped that heat off us. We also wanted to get another show in but felt like it would be crowding an already bouncy trip.



_651 Ninth Avenue, between 45th and 46th Streets._
Aka Bali Nusa, an Indonesian restaurant with the tastiest ginger tea. Bring cash and a to-go cup (if you want some tea for the road) at this little establishment. We dined on beef satay, corn shrimp fritters, a shrimp vegetable curry, shrimp crackers, jasmine rice squares, and for dessert a steamed coconut custard with palm sugar.


_321 West 46th Street, between Eighth and Ninth Aves._
This place is over 100 years old and straight out of Italia. They even claim to have been the first family to bring the espresso machine to New York. It was a great restaurant and took us back to a more formal side of Italy. The wait staff was attentive and polite, serving up a nice array of dishes. Robin fawned over the softness of the gnocchi and I really got into their savory porcini risotto. The prices ranged from $16-$50 per piece or main entree, but it’s not every day you can say, “Gratzie Mille”.


_236 West 52nd Street, between 7th and 8th avenue on 52nd st._
I happen to have a great soft spot in my palate for cuban-carribean-puerto rican influences. Whenever we visited my Grandfather he often cooked up some of these dishes. We enjoyed a meal of classics, fried yuca appetizer followed by ropas vejas and arroz con picadillo with fried egg. Washed down with a crisp white sangria. For dessert we needed something soft and found it in a coconut rice pudding (arroz con crema) with a few spicey cafe con leche’s to go with it.

Pink Tea Cup

_42 Grove Streeth, between Bleecker and Bedford Streets._
A place to grab some soul for cash. I wanted a good breakfast and we found it in this perfectly sized restaurant. Can’t beat a place that will serve you some fried chicken and pancakes. We had a ham and cheese omelet, grits, strawberry stuffed pancakes, buttery home-fries, and some biscuits that’d make you cry. Fast service made possible by some hard working and smiling individuals. This might become a regular stop from here on out hehe!

db Bistro Moderne

_55 West 44th Street, between Fifth and Sixth Aves._
From the famed Daniel Boulud this restaurant puts the fine in fine dining. Each location db has creates a burger like no other as a specialty. In the bistro he has the Burger Royale; where else can you throw down seventy bucks for a sirloin burger stuffed with braised short-ribs, black truffle and foie gras topped with shaved black truffles? It was two of my favorite things, fine ingredients and a burger. A really exquisite experience, and I told the manager so. We finished our dinner with a roasted pineapple, ginger cookie, coconut sorbet concoction which was beautiful as well.

You can find all our photos of our trip over on [flickr]( “Flickr NYC Set”). Now it’s time I turn my focus on what I learned during our eight hour intensive with David Allen. It’ll be up on [Nuance Labs]( as soon as I condense my mind-map into text.

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