Reflections of a Newbie Skydiver

Over the past few months everyone around me knows I’ve taken up sky diving. It has been an honor and privilege to work with the people at [Skydive Carolina]( As well as have a wife that has been beside me the whole way supporting my actions. This year has been full of rare moments and the guys and gals down in Chester have included Robin and I deep into their family and it gives me warm tinglies every time I think about them.

Saturday, Dec. 16th, I finished my first phase of the Advanced Free Fall course with Joey Freeman at my graduation E-2 jump. I then followed it up a few hours later with my first solo jump. Under my own plan and guidance I launched from the Twin Otter at [13,540ft]( “Freefall Report”) above ground and had the time of my life. With no coach or external testing source by me I unleashed all that I had been taught. Flipping fore and back, twisting, spinning, and all the while aware of where I was, even who was around me. Until the time came to fatefully pull my chute and guide myself into the dropzone without assistance. You want to talk about empowering? This was it. My friend and instructor Pete said at the Skydive Christmas party that in this world where globally a lot of our choice is out of our control when you exit that aircraft it’s all about you. No one else is going to take care of you except you. Can you imagine the strength one can garner from taking challenges like this? Are you up to the challenge?

What does one get from this type of challenge? What do you take home at the end of the day?
* The power of self.
* The definitive knowledge that you can tackle any obstacles in your path.
* Absolutely understanding that no one can have power over you.

You learn and experience these things through a good plan, smiling, deep laughter, discipline, execution, and repeating to do things the right way.

In a world surrounded by mediocrity it’s not hard to put the right foot forward and excel. It’s a learned behavior. The trick is most people have a lot of learned negative or limiting beliefs which they get trapped in. What’s worse is a large percentage of those people then overlay those beliefs on those around them thus trapping good souls and in time corrupting them.

If you’ve been looking for a way to start something new. To break free of the quicksand of life, I highly suggest taking a tandem sky dive or enrolling in your local AFF program. Learn to take back control, to stop feeding those emotional vampires in your world through the power of trust in yourself.

I’ve got a long road ahead of me and I know not where it is going. However, I will continue my trek through new goals finding myself surrounded by the remarkable.

Next stop in sky diving is my class ‘A’ license which requires 25 jumps and another 3 categories of skill tests then on to my ‘B’ license which will allow for beach dives.

Thanks to all those who follow and send good cheer. You all are awesome!


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