Return from Charleston

We got back late Sunday from Charleston. The thrust of the trip was to see my cousin Carter Trout get married to Lindsay Finch. While we were there though we used it as a time to chillout with some extended family in Wild Dunes on the Isle of Palms. Robin and I had a fantastic time. Our trips just get better and better each time we make an excursion. If I can recommend a way to plan it’s to not plan your hours, but to have things on a list that you can possibly do, or see, or eat. Then as you wander through your day, and vacations are all about wandering, you have nice things you can entertain yourself with–without being overbearing to the whole idea of vacationing. While on IOP I got to taste the thrill of stunt-kites and might be hooked. I’ve got to find some place in Charlotte that has good winds so I can explore this more.

The last time I was in the area was for another cousins wedding, Garland Lynn. Unfortunately I was caught by a bug after that rehearsal dinner and ended up praying to the porcelain god for the rest of our stay. This time I was spared but my father got snafu’d by a bug that left him under 100% but he knew how to power through it.

Robin brought recommendations on eatieres from her family and friends. We dined at Gaulart & Maliclet, Poogans Porch, 82 Queens, Johnathons all very good and tastful eateries. We did a little shopping, but like our shopping usually goes–you end up seeing so much you end up not getting anything. Well, almost nothing. I got a nice mask that I’ll take tiki’ing…but shh.. its a surprise. The market was humid, and the surrounding area quite touristy. Most of the shops on Kings we have at our local la-te-da Southpark so it was mostly the rare finds we were looking for.

Bob, Janet, Tasie, and the Finches threw a fantastic wedding. Probably the best rehearsal dinner I’ve ever had. To top it off my cousin donated some of her new wine to the affair and it was faaannntastic! I can’t wait to be able to brag about it more but she’s got me under a quasi-nda. 😉 The wedding went off without issue and was held at First Scots Presbyterian. We adjourned to the yacht club for dancing and many finger foods. A truly excellent time was had by all.

I’ve still got a number of pictures to add to the collection but you can scan through the current reel on [flickr]( It was a blast and great to see everyone doing well.