The Juggle

I’m more involved in more things at one time than I’ve been in quite some time.
* R&D for the next jump
* [Slow Foods](, Charlotte Convivia
* Habitat for Humanity Coffee Shop
* [Tiki Torchure](, [Transformus]( theme group
* Multiple [Art]( Projects
* Local [Meetup]( groups
* Personal Educational Endeavors (Baking & Photography)

Time has gone kinda wriggly. I thought I saw myself coming and going. Anyone who is along for the [flickr]( voyage can see I’m keeping a better visual log than a written log.

A proverbial volcano nearly errupted today. I’m waiting for the geological studies to return to see if land masses are about to shift. I’ve never been in a more turbulent time of life. Glad I don’t get motion sick.

Here’s to good connections and lots of [optimal thinking](


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