Coffee at Andy’s

My father-in-law, Bill Dietz, aka Baker Bill has taken up writing in his spare time. He’s turning out some wonderful material and has graciously allowed me to reprint one of his latest works after visiting us. I think many of you can relate. Enjoy!

Coffee at Andy’s

Coffee at Andy’s,“Oh, Boy, I can’t wait”!
One hour and a half, don’t want to be late.
Step on the gas to eighty, no more
Seems like forever till we’re at his back door.

Hugs and greetings, we say, “How ya doin”?
Now lets get down to it, the coffees a brewing.
No need to ask, forget the requests,
A shot of espresso from his very best.

He stands at machine, that cost more than my car,
A Barista he is, the best we know, by far.
With a hiss and a gurgle, he pulls me one shot,
While Tyson his cat, spies from stair up on top.

The dark liquid he brings in a tiny white cup,
It fits on my pinky, it’s down in one gulp.
As Mother and Daughter sit down for a chat,
With Tyson between them, he’s king and that’s that,

Andy prances his way, back to his place
Two cappuccinos to make, with smile on his face.
With machine fired up and pure water in hand,
He grinds and taps his coffee, from some foreign land.

He eyes the dark stream, with an odd knowing grin
The pressures just right, it’s so good, it’s a sin.
Designed by an artist the froth floats on top,
Like fluffy white clouds, poured till Andy says stop.

Two ‘caps’ to order, one for his love, one for mine,
And one for himself, for he knows he has time,
Till the sad gloom of empty he sees on my face,
Café’ Mochas’ on order, can he keep up this pace?

Off he goes for the chocolate, and new coffee to try,
Soon the cups in my hand and I tell you no lie
You haven’t lived in your life, no not even one day,
Till you’ve had coffee at Andy’s, and that’s all I’ll say!

-Bill Dietz

Thanks Bill! I love it!


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