Vacation and Back

The whirlwind surrounding the SCAA conference are finally ebbing down. Robin and I took off the following Thursday for a quick trip to see some family in Pensacola, Florida. We were in attendance for my grandmothers 83rd birthday which was a real pleasure. It’s the first time we’ve been back since Robin’s scuba certification before our wedding and that was three years ago. Since then Dennis, Ivan, and Katrina both laid waste to the region. While most of the debris removal is done the city and surrounding areas will take years more to rebuild. Costal towns have to face so much adversity of mother nature it’s really a testiment to how much people want to be there by just how much rebuilding goes forth. My folks are selling their home on the bayou so if you’ve got a heafty chunk of change and want some excellent and I mean _excellent_ property drop me a line. Our only mistake was laying out an hour too long one beautiful day at the beach. We were smart and sunscreened our face/ears/shoulders but forgot about bellies/legs/knees/feet and are paying for it in spades. Oh well, it’s fun being able to heat a room (wry grin).

It’s time to get the gears rolling again and find traction for the coming quarter. To those many people I met at SCAA man it was a pleasure. To those I missed, lets try harder next time! Now I’m sitting on a ton of aggregate data from the conference and need to find a way to piece it together.


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