The Year Ahead

I want this year to be productive. Everyone should. Is moping a good way to spend your time? Where are you going to be at the end of it? What will it have gained you? Nothing is not an option.

Let’s work on something better than nothing; something productive, proactive, growth related. You can only be passionate about a few things at the same time or you’ll be too fractioned to make any traction on all of them. This year I’m coming to terms with three such passions.

Rededication to coffee and the hunt for greater understanding and participation. To that extent I have made new goals to take apart my espresso machine, hang out with the [CCC]( espresso techs, and culminate my learning by _if possible_ [pid]( my Nuova Simonelli Oscar. As well it goes without saying that opening the [cafe]( this year would be fantastic. Not having control of so many variables we can only continue our efforts which begin with a fresh meeting with our property broker, Michelle Buckley of [New South Properties]( to begin the churn of properties over again. This time we’re scaling back a little working to be more agile for a more expidient, but secure launch.

I’ve also let the artist in me languish over the past few years. I used to do a lot of digital art before digital art was even a real concept. Back in the early 90’s I could be seen with a large 12×12 [wacom]( tablet in my lap just doodling away or working in Painter on some slow to create realistic oil piece. Over the years I got out of graphic design because I felt people I was working with or for asthetically didn’t get it. As well the web back then was table crazy, and tables just never grooved with me at all. It took the art and made it much more science than I wanted. I’d like to get a tablet back in my world and go back to basics. I love design, I love expression.

The last thing I can really say I’ll work on this year is local networks. Last year was a boon to me online. I’ve met many great people through the internet but the internet is something not yet realized locally as much as it should (much greater for bridging large divides). I need to return to my region and start building relationships at home. At this point in my life I need help (hehe take that as many ways as you need), and you gain help through relationships. Unfortunatly I really don’t have as many as I’d like in Charlotte so the effort must be put into this. With strong ties come strong abilities to leverage. Through this I hope to become a little more civic minded and motivated. The wonderful crew over at [Urban Planet]( has been a nice starting point.

As I come to a close the old UGA slogan runs through my head…
>It’s time to let the [big dawg](×480/Uga.jpg) eat.