Few more steps back, property loss for the caffe

Wish we had known sooner is all I can really desire.

After months of delivery slides the Levine property group has decided to halt construction of their galleria location due to steel costs. At least that is what we are being told. The cost of steel has risen to such a degree that it would blow the economics of the deal. We’ve put over a years work into this location; it just sang to us and we had studies to prove it. Now it’s off the table for at least a year. Bah.

How utterly disappointing.

Jeff and I are parallelizing thoughts at the moment both working on a [Web 2.0](http://web20workgroup.com/) concept and renewed look for a property that has both the numbers and a more rapid deployment schedule. Every time we get close, we get pushed back.

I will not be put down though, this is a fight we will win.