iMac G5

Today we recieved our early Xmas present to ourselves. A 17″ iMac G5. While Robin has a Mac laptop we had no real place to get our workdone. The home PC is well, a Windows PC, and Windows is just not cool enough. I’ve been reluctant to work on my Ti400 laptop. It’s just too slow to get anything real done. By real I mean pushing Photoshop, working on DV material, pressing DVD’s.

Now we can.

Now we can fly.

I can say honestly Apple is beating Microsoft. I’ve come from the old school, I’ve been through the hate Apple years. I’ve railed against the walls and then I took my own medicine and with OSX the taste is good. It gave me another couple years out of a laptop that would not have survived in other worlds. My appetite was unsaited though. How could I justify my dream of a six thousand dollar dual G5. That’s quite unrealistic, but Apple’s current iMac just takes the cake. It has enough horsepower and a fantastic load out for truly a skinny price. It is smooth, sleek, and due to it’s *nix heritage can take the pressure. I look forward to evolving my workflow another level by having a tool that is a pleasure to use.

Now if Apple would just not turn out to be a monopoly in disguise the world would be perfect. I guess if I had a choice between evil’s I’d go with Jobs.