1500 APC UPS Engaged

Please no more spending of money on technology.. this stuff hurts.. but now we have I think the largest capacity home 110v APC Battery Backup. After wiring it all together and getting the server to acknowledge it we have probable statistics!

* LOADPCT : 25.0 Percent Load Capacity
* TIMELEFT : 35.1 Minutes

I can only hope that is the reality. One last thing to do system wise. Replace the broken harddrive for a boot-cd and the system should be set for quite a while *knock on wood*. I have so much other crap that needs attention than this beast. If I were really intelligent I’d have farmed out the services to a colo facility and just made a giant filestore at home. Maybe one day I’ll learn?

A peer just IM’d me that I wouldn’t. Laugh.