Ranted to Flickr

I was trolling [flickr](http://www.flickr.com/photos/ciordia/) tonight, adding some new pics we had taken, deleting other ones too soon ( 🙁 ) hehe. When I thought again on how the web doesn’t support a family, it doesn’t support your community, it only supports the individual and even that is hurt by the absence of the connected rest.

I decided to search Flickr’s Idea forum to see what people had been talking about their spouse. It was an easy one to pick on since married couples that have the same online level of interest would be hitting the wall of multiple accounts. I jumped on the rant box and surfed the thought.

[Flickr Idea Post](http://www.flickr.com/forums/ideas/5852/): Multiple Personalities

Let me dredge this one back up from the hollows. My wife and I find online life tedious. We must both create accounts, both enter billing info, both ship separately.. unless we do some bad thing like make a master account. That eliminates unique identity unless you start sharing, then you have to make some stupid compromise which makes most applications crippleware. ASP’s were designed for A person, A user. Nothing about a set of users with relationships.

A new meme should be found here. In the beginning the web was solo, mano y mano. Now we live on the web, we work on the web, we entertain on the web, the web is apart of our lives, our families, our spouses, our friends, aieee my cellphone!

I’d like to see application providers start to think of ways of the next level of integration with the home units. Parents, kids, total account management shared resources and collaborative tools. Add extended family and you’ve got quick resources for guiding the tree, add friends with localized acl’s and another set of collaborative environment is formed.

Anyhow, thats my rant. I see this need and bang my head on it.

.. and that’s about it at this time. I think we need to find more of this interconnectivity. Need to use all the social networking parts, add trust-relationship models, some sweet ways of adding, sharing, collaborating on an assortment of data, and you’ve got something evil good. It all starts with answering the questions of family.