Hello.. Goodbye.. Buongiorno

I have been so busy.. so very very very busy.. My day jobs office is moving. If moving weren’t a difficult enough thing we’ve decided to cut out our infrastructure and really go lean. Not a bad thing at all, but I’m going on vacation and coming back right when our move occurs. I think my corner of the world is tight. We have a lot to do on my return, last minute data tosses and a whole lot of shutting down. Be on the lookout if your local for a craigslist bonanza.

That’s taking day and night cycles. Overlapping that is Italy, which I must say I think we’ve done a great job. We have the hotels, trains, museums, and tour all booked. I’ve hopefully cracked open my Treo from the grip of AT&T and have purchased a Italy TIM card.

We will be staying at the following:
* Milan, Hotel Baveria Mokinba

* Monterosso, Hotel 5 Terre

* Florence, Hotel Aprile

* Venice, Pensione La Calcina

We’ve spec’d out a number of restaurant’s from resources in print, web, and referral. I think our palate will be sufficiently overwhelmed. We are also planning a day trip to San Gimignano which I hear has the worlds best chocolate gelato. Ah the many wonderful things to run around at.

In tow will be a bag of clothes and a backpack full of technology, books, and maps. Boy are we styling. 😉 If you are around one of these area’s when we are (May 31-June 9), drop me an email and lets grab a cappa o del vino.

A lot of people helped pay for this trip. It’s part honeymoon, part vacation, and part business research. Thanks to all those who are making it possible.


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