Staking it all down

Little by little it’s all coming together. We’ve confirmed reservations in Milan at Hotel Baviera Mokinba for our entry and departure hotel. Very reasonable and right next to the train terminal. We’re still playing around with where to stay after Milan. We basically have two nights before we have to be in Florence. We looked at staying in Portofino but it’s a bit too stiff. However, right outside at Santa Margherita, is right on the money. From there we’ve found generic-ish flats in Vernazza, but we may stay farther south towards Riomaggiore. If anyone has a suggestion, we’re open to it for that day/night. We just want to walk a bit of Cinque Terre. Train it to Florence where I am waiting to hear back from Hotel Aprile, a very nice looking establishment. Then in Venice a few days later we’ll be at Pensione La Calcina which also looks great.

I’ll break all this out with links when it’s all said and done.