Injured Player

Injured Finger 2
So you’re saying to this, what maiming, what problem does he have again? If only a picture could scream. Jeff’s dog, Uma, and myself were doing some of her favorite activites of fetch. Being such a high drive animal, and getting her amp’d futher into said state is a dangerous thing to do since she is a real bred German Shepard.

Anyhow, long story shorter; I got her quite riled. I made a mistake, and she sunk a fang into the backside of my index fingers mid-joint. I looked down and just saw a gash, a hole. Quickly I clamped my finger, told Jeff and Robin playtime was over due to a new found puncture.

Right Before Injury
I’ll be fine but barbells are out for a while, making a fist is out for a while, any serious bending of my index finger is out for a while. I’ve learned once again of our fragile nature.

Uma just wants to play, and boy she can really get into her play. I need to start looking for hand guards if I’m going to be in her face and work on drive. Else keep it simple and just a no hassles game of fetch.