Landscaper Hired!

Ahhh finally.. the sigh of not having to directly deal with my lawn anymore.. We hired Southpark Landscapers to handle the maintenance and reconstruction of the duplex property. For .5a, weekly maintenance, bi-yearly fert, and a smattering of other chores $145/mo. Split between the other tenant and myself is a reasonable 72$/mo. The landscaper said we would be treated preferentially thus giving us a discount on the rest of our landscaping needs. He also said that it should only cost us 400-600$ to get our yard back in a decent shape. (You should see the fro’s of the ungainly-highly overgrown boxwoods). So in the coming months we’ll be ripping out most everything that is a bush and reshaping, re-defining, the yard. I can’t wait.

At least it’s in good hands now. This isn’t over yet though. 🙂