Java Passage, Golden Cup, & Comics

Java Passage Golden Cup

Robin and myself ventured forth for a dining and round Charlotte romp this afternoon. Well I guess at this hour it was yesterday.

We got a last minute invite from David Haddock at Counter Culture Coffee to head out to Java Passage for their Golden Cup indoctrination. I had not yet met Bob of JP but I had read his posts online for a while. This man is a pleasure to speak with. He’s a happy man living his set of hobbies that make him happy and he shares the enthusiasm. While at the dig David introduced us to a number of other locals that have ties to JP or CCC in some way. Every one of them was a pleasure to meet and we heard quite a few startup stories while there.

Getting famished and lightheaded we made our exit and bolted over to Antony’s Carribean for some delicious wings’n things all slow roasted and sauced up. We then made our rounds to the comic book store “Hero’s Aren’t Hard to Find”. To restock on Robin’s, Wonder Woman, and for me to indecisivly pick at new comics searching for something to find me. In the end my eyes found that Moorcock of the Eternal Champion Series has made a graphic novel of Elric it seems. My interest piqued and Robin ladening me with the backissues she’s missed we headed home.

It was a good night, a quick swing around Charlotte, dropping in here and there. Tomorrow, er, Today we are having a sampling of Dagoba in some cake forms. It ought to be good. We also have Tuscano at prime drinkability and boy will it be drunk. 😉

Now I have got to find a pillow, my eyes aren’t cooperating any longer.