This morning has been rough

The cell phone starts getting pages before the sun is even up. I don’t know what occur’d predawn. Did the sun have a coronal ejection and my servers were sensative? 7 out of 10 production services were knocked offline. Whats that? Yes, Poooooo.. I check my email, running through the gammut of paging history and I see that my dad’s heel has been broken:

>”Rick broke his heel bone this afternoon. He was in his deer stand at his hunting camp and jumped off it. He thought it was about 3 feet and it was more like 6 to 7 feet. He shattered his calcanius (heel bone) and will have to have surgery. He will have to have it nonweight-bearing for about 6 to 8 weeks. That means he cannot work or travel for awhile. He is supposed to have surgery next Wednesday (after the swelling goes down). According to the Orthopod, if Rick weren’t a doctor, he wouldn’t have let him come home and would have put him in the hospital with one of those suspension things to hold his leg up. The doctor told Rick that his CT scan shows significant damage. Bummer. Not fun. I think it will be OK for me to come to Charlotte for our trip (I will have to play it by ear) but Rick definitely cannot come. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. The better news is that he is not in much pain. Hope everyone is doing well. PAM (Page & Mom)”

Goodness Goodness.. My poor pop. I was so looking forward to him coming up in the next few weeks. We’re having quite a family gathering up here with the Dietz, Byrams, Ciordias, all heading to “[On The Record](”, which stars a family friend’s daughter, [Ashley Brown]( Ah well, looks like we’ll have to party without him.

Well I’ve got the servers back under my thumb and a post-op going on to figure out what went wrong and why. Time to call the old man and see how he is holding up. It’s grey and raining out, all this negativity is just karmic balance for the wonderful relationship we will forge today with the [SBDTC](


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