Upcoming Trip

My wife and I are planning a trip to Italy late May/early June. We’re trying to figure out exactly what is important to us and how we want to spend our time while there. We are planning on staying 7-10 days on a $5-7k USD budget. While I have been to some of Italy it was while I was a kid and it doesn’t reference real well for this trip.

Motivators.. My wife and I both love food and great coffee/espresso. We are opening a caffe and hope to see some venues that lend ideas to our own store. Tieing all this in to the fact that we enjoy history.. Easy to see why Italy is on our list. Now just how to spend the time.

We’ve started using SlowTrav Italy to find more resources. We also have family that has been there, some on many occassions so I know we can develop a good simple plan that isn’t overly complicated. Our current thoughts have been fly in to Rome, keep on trains instead of cars and head to Florance, and then end in Venice, each stop about 3 days.

We’ll see where this all heads!


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