Whistle while I work..

Life is moving quickly. The last few weeks have been pretty frantic, but the lat few days.. it’s feeling like a deep sigh. Our property managment negs came to a head with our consultants talking directly to them. Hopefully we’ll see that deal come to a real LOI by the end of the week. On the other front, finance, the first bank has decided to throw a little AA fire into the air. They want 100% collateral. Well what bank wouldn’t? I wish these people would get it that only 10% of coffee shops fail. We’re not trying to do a restaurant with a 95% failure rate. Of course they are in the business of staying comfortable with risk. We need to find a bank that is comfortable to retail, start-up opportunities.

Then you have the day job which despite closing its eyes and ears and shouting “NA NA NA NA NA NA”, reality still exists. You can wait for the book, and boy it could be a good book if I could ever wrap my head around the text for that sort of thing. All I want to do is transform this place into a beautiful cost savings flexible sustainable entity but it requires work from many people for a sustained time. That’s going to be the difficult part. Plotting the course is one thing, staying the course is another.

Commmmmmoooon Banker People! Jeff and I are upstanding, dependable, loyal, hard working, altruistic individuals who will perform and make our shop a viable, profitable, entity. I’ll give you 50% of my soul on a buy back agreement as the risk ratio equates. 😉

Oh well, I have amazingly positive thoughts because that’s the only productive thing you can be. Like Jeff and I were talking at lunch, you can be either constructive or destructive.