Saturday.. Oooh Yea.. da da da da da daaa da daa

Just bouncing around here on a beautiful Saturday. It’s pretty damn chilly outside but the sun is out. Maybe its also that I’ve had a few double espresso drinks and I’m ready to get things done that is also powering my peppyness. We’re cleaning up and doing backwork for the most part. Bill Dietz is coming up tonight. He’s recieved a large [Dagoba]( and is going to bring a bit of it maybe in a few forms, but if not we’re going to make Mousse here tonight and see what we see tomorrow.

Sunday we’re slated for a trip to the mall. I need to visit [Sur la Table]( to explore their cafe cups and pick up a few [Silpat](”)/silicon muffin and cake pans. Then there is a new tea shop in the mall I’d like to see. Since we are going to have teas in our shop I’d like to find out what their menu is composed of and maybe get some questions on what buying habits the store might see.

Anyhow, the day is running, gotta catch up.