Welcome to Portland

The fog was as thick as soup this morning leaving Charlotte. That turned into rain in Chicago. Snacked on a hot dog and twiddled my fingers. The flight from Ohare to Portland was full of excitement. I somehow managed to get myself a middle seat. Which anyone who knows me really knows how much I dig being in the middle. Fun jokes aside, I don’t. On my right was a nice enough gentlemen who had just been to a concrete expo in Indiana. While on my left was a rather rotund elder fellow who had that.. that.. funk. Old guys, I know I’ll be one someday but I vow not to smell like that. It’s just not right. It’s like a mix of oil, diapers, pee, and decay. Anyhow he had a nice enough personality by taking to any of the political avenues that I like. How can you not like a guy who laughs at the current system and is old enough to know. Spread the gospel.

I’m here. At the [Bensen](http://www.coasthotels.com “Owned by Coast Hotels”). It’s a little old fashiony and it’s got quite a bustle in here with a few minor industry conventions in the building. The Wifi they offer is a 9$ a day package from some upstream craptastic provider. Why.. You pay all this good money, can I not at least have a simple connection to the web? No. What’s a guy to do? I’ll tell ya, he finds another lesser network to piggy back on and be happy until he can find a cosy net cafe? Sounds good. Hope my new provider “wifitoolbox” doesn’t mind me hitching a ride.

I had a great little meal at a place called Karam. Serving Lebanese cuisine. Jeff and myself have found a fondness for middle eastern food. Lots of yummy spices. I had a delicious Shawarma plate. Decorated on a bed of hummus and a side of steaming puffed pita. Oh yea, it was hot, I was cold, it was good. I made out like a King too. I hunted blocks for food and found lots of high bill meals. I didn’t need something 38$ for the main course. Not tonight at least. Total cost w/ Baklava in a box here, $14.

Class starts early tomorrow, 8a-5p. I am excited. Taking a little melatonin tonight to align my internal clock. Since its 7p here now and it feels like 10p.