Planning a Trip

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Before our shop opens in the next year Robin and I are trying to plan a trip. This trip is a rollover of our wedding savings. We never made it to the South Pacific, but we don’t mind. What we are looking for now is a 7-10 day journey somewhere in Europe. We’d like to visit great coffee houses and eateries since that seems to be what we like to do on vacations. Eat and enjoy sights. Our largest expenditure on most trips is food & film, hehehe.

Does anyone have some thoughts on places, a string of locations that we could consider? The birthing of a new shop is causing me a significant time drain so its hard to do the level of dilligence I’d like to perform on this. Maybe with a little kickstart of ideas or thoughts might save me some time.

* Time allowed: 7-10d
* Motivations: Food, Coffee, Desserts, Sights (tantalyzing/fantastic/ancient)
* Allowance: $5-7k USD
* Windows of Opportunity: Either in the Easter realm or when school lets out in May

Thanks for the contributions,