Feb 1, 2005

This month is probably going to be the busiest yet. We are moving forward with Levine which make us very happy. We have some work to do with our Bellissimo consultants, a CPA firm to nail down, our lawyers need talking to for lease negotiations. Oh yea, and money. We need to take the finances to the next step and secure capital. Currently this is the largest hump to overcome for opening. Past this point it should be contractors and then working the plan/store itself. Ah the ever all consuming dream. If you don’t have one, I suggest you find one.

This past weekend Robin and I stayed inside quite a bit. Charlotte had a brief encounter with an ice/snow storm. While I think we would have been fine out, if you don’t have to go anywhere, why go anywhere? I made two loafs of bread. Robin made french toast and tossed out another pizza. We built fires, enjoyed coffee and cleaned the house. Bill & Karen Dietz dropped in on Sunday so with that we had a a good weekend. We’re talking with [Dagoba](http://www.dagobachocolate.com/ “Chocolate Alchemists”) about becoming our chocolate distributor. We have a rather large order for Bill pending so we can proof their goods in our concepts.

We stay busy but we’re quite happy that way. The only thing we are trying to secure right now is a trip somewhere. We have our wedding savings and Robin knows that I’m not going to want to take a long (7-10d) off from work once the store opens. To that end we’ve opened the world up before us to try and think up something. In the beginning we were going to go to the South Pacific, but now we are expanding our thoughts to Europe, Alaska, in the States. Good possibilities everywhere. We just need to make up our minds faster. Maybe thats what I should be doing now.. 😉

Last update the site design is going quite well. I returned to basics and tore everything down and am reassembling it from the bottom up. This link won’t work forever but if you want to watch the changes keep an eye on [this page](http://andy.ciordia.info/index2.php “Beta andy.ciordia.info”).