Lies, Deceit., and Ignored Reality

I’m going to pin this in a point in time. Something that should not be forgotten.

* Ignores Reality
* Ignores Logic
* Makes Emotional Decisions
* Overly Promises but Under Delivers
* Ends to a Means Thought Process
* Hightened Forgetfulness
* Quick to Anger
* Sharp Finger Pointing

These are just a few of the symptoms of a broken individual. If you encounter these symptoms in someone close to you or in a job place internalize and reflect on how much this or these individuals are writing checks from your emotional bank account. If these people are overdrawn on a consistant basis (and broken people are quite consistant on being overdrawn) you must distance yourself as soon as possible. If you stay you begin to enable their behavior. Doing this lets them continue to stay in control of a habitual process of chaotic destruction. This will deteriorate peoples mentality like radiation.

I have seen this propagation in many forms in the last decade. Beware it, be watchful of it, and know you have the choice to avoid it and get out of its path at any time.