Poppy’s Wine, by Kristin McKnight

My cousin wrote this a few years ago and I came across it while cleaning. My grandfather means a whole lot to me. He has influenced many generations of family in insight, compassion, inspiration, creativity, and sheer charisma. I love my grandfather very much and through her poem a twinkle of him can be seen.

>## Poppy’s Wine

>Down in his basement he did brew
>That muscadine wine with a taste so true

>Oh Oh that muscadine wine
>Oh Oh made me feel so fine

>Made with grapes on the government’s tab
>We all know what you were doing in that lab

>Oh Oh drinkin that muscadine wine
>Oh Oh a great way to past the time

>Well you drink with young ones, you drink it with old
>No matter what your age the effects are ten-fold

>If you were there in the early years, you get what I’m preaching
>Because then it was in abundance and forever we were reaching

>Oh Oh for that bottle of muscadine wine
>Oh Oh hope I don’t get outta line

>But who cares . . . Cuz I’m drinking that muscadine wine

>The taste was so sweet, a nectar so fine,
>It could only be . . . Poppy’s Wine!

>>–[Kristin McKnight](mailto:Vail0000@!!PLEASEDONTSPAM!!.aol.com) ‘03