Migration Completed

Welp I’ve cannabalized once again. After nashing on some equipment I have cobbled together something better. In an ever self-inflicted torture of upgrading things I have migrated everything to another machine. I’m running Fedora Core 3 now and I think this iteration has caused a lot of streamlining with what services I already provide for my family and friends. On the old machine I was testing a lot as I evovled and condensed my systems engineering into something quality for the home. I come to think that every home needs a server, and I’m sure one way or another people will start having them more often. More than likely they will not be home grown but package deals. Ok, I’ve digressed. Server is running, the world is happy for now. I need to let this sit and percolate to make sure all my lists, email, dynamic dns, and IPcop all behave.

Still working on a new css style but I got hindered due to everyone being noncompliant. My god can no one just not interpret directions for once? Can everyone please follow a damn spec? Nooo.. So I am going to have to rethink just how crazy I was going to makethings and find a middleground.

Ok wrap it up, I’m done for the night. Is the week over yet?