Rock Hill Roasting Party



Jeff, Robin, & myself packed in the van last night for a gallery unveiling in the [Rock Hill Roasting Co.]( Suzy and Tom Jebo, the owners of [RHR]( “Web Site for Rock Hill Roasting Co.”) are working hard to maintain their boyancy within the slow growing town of Rock Hill / Fort Mill. They are doing this by new marketing, events and shows like the gallery, as well as investor packages. They are currently the only ones I know of bringing the level of passion of correct Coffee in this area.

The emcee for the event was [Bruce Milletto ]( “Bruce is..”) from the Bellissimo Coffee Infogroup. It was a pleasure to meet Bruce and put a face to the consulting group we have hired for [Caffé Nuance]( He has a genuine care for the community cafe and how it ties people together. He spoke of how important marketing was and how traditional word of mouth was just not the best method for garnering attention. If you want something you have to go and get it. He confirmed that Jeff & I are on the right road when we are deep in our think tank of talks. We understand many social constructs and how it is our job to be constantly thinking of new ways to garner people.

There were many good artists in attendance. I hope their artistic passion will lend itself to Tom & Suzy’s store and imbib them with it as well. Rock Hill doesn’t know what it has, and better wake up to the fact soon or it could be gone. We’ll keep checking in with them. They have been a great pleasure to speak to and wish them only the best.