Fall 2004

Fall is here. It’s been encroaching for some time but I think we’re finally in its jowls. Another weekend is coming to an end. On Saturday we traveled to [Rock Hill Roastering Co.](http://www.rockhillroasting.com) to show Jeff their store and meet Tom & Suzie Jebo, a great pair of owners. We had another nice meal here sampling more of their wares. Had a set of fantastic macchiatos from a barista I really should know by name by now. He informed us that we were drinking an [indonesia](http://dictionary.reference.com/search?r=2&q=indonesia) blend. It reminded us of the N. Italian roasting profile that we have experiened lately but with real beautiful raspberry overtones. These were great shots with a perfect amount of steamed/foamed milk. After we got home we took a nice stroll with Uma and Jeff through the neighborhood and pretty much called it a day. I chose to use the rest of my Saturday as play day so enjoyed [Rachet and Clank, Up Your Arsenal](http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00020LZBG/myislanandyci-20) I’ve had a friend [Brian](http://beginnings.blogspot.com/ “Beginnings.Blogspot.Com”) who has been begging to play online more and he was no-where to be found. Yea, I’m talking about you buddy. heheh.

Sunday has been a busy day reorganizing, cleaning, etc. We have a good week of housework that slides around. We had a good morning of waffles by Robin. I made us a few cafe au lait’s to rise to then a latte with our new espresso from local roaster Coffee works. Later Robin enjoyed a Caramel steamer and I made Jeff a really good looking Caramel latte. I think we’ll have some irish cream latte’s for our dessert after dinner. Which by the way just beeped. Robin built us another pizza creation. A three cheesed pepperoni. It’s going to be nummy so I should finish this post up.

Another good weekend down, a busy week at work to come, and Thanksgiving and Robin’s birthday are around the corner. Wheeeee!