Post Weekend Summary Oct 6-7

Just thought I’d give some impressions of my weekend before it all fades from memory. We had Robin’s folks up, Karen and Bill, to go with Jeff and Uma to the [Renaissance Festival]( It was fantastic day to be outdoors. Sunny, little to no breeze, and a nice clean crisp fall day. Since this will have been Robin and my third year to go back to back to the RenFest I really didn’t pay it much attention except a few key shops to see what had changed (or hadn’t).

Uma was the real star of our party. She got to socialize with a bunch of different people and another service animal. The sights and sounds, not to mention amount of turkey leg grease that must be apart of the earth, kept her going in circles. Each time a person wanted to say hi she was always attentive and not overly jumpy. Didn’t even bite at anyone, which was awesome.

Afterwards we all headed back to our place where we pulled 15 or so shots from the new [Oscar]( and talked. Talked, and talked, and talked. Did I mention we talked? What about? Oh. You see our fabulous Mr. Bill Dietz, is also the world renown [Baker Bill]( of the South Carolina proprietorship [Mostly Muffins]( “”). Bill is amazing. He said he’d be a good sounding board and he really is. While we walk down this road to caffedom he is willing to walk with us, teach, share, and supply a world of knowledge and treats. Can’t ask for more than that. 🙂 In the near term he has us picking out an assortment of goodies to start trying so we may begin to see what lies in store for our menu. Our chat lasted a good three or so hours which I then realized how famished I was and made a break for the door. The next morning the Dietz came back over for another few shots and some lighter chats about fixing up Bill’s site and menu to be current with his offerings.

We really had a great weekend.