More steeping for Senior Andy, Jackson’s Java

I find myself again, like a waking a coffee house. Ok ok, so we are working on seeing what all java is offered in Charlotte. Last night we enjoyed a better than Bucks cup at the Dillworth Coffee House in Matthews. Tonight after Robin’s class I find myself in pretty much the only place around UNCC, Jackson’s Java. They roast on premises, have a rather large, but really not too large menu, 32 syrup types, bagels, muffins, and some items for sale. It’s not hippy like I thought but more starving artist. They supposidly have evening music from time to time but I can’t find floor evidence of it yet. Some other notables; two coffee grounds, Cima espresso maker.

Jeff and I have agreed that doing this is really good for us. Just after visiting and sampling one locale we felt great. Tonight, I feel even better. Watching, looking, inspecting, curious like a cat, calm like a predator, Muahahah (fade to black).

Ack.. Robin has just called for her ride so I have to jet.