My archive, reborn..

You just don’t understand.. or mayhe you do.. Many many moons ago my 180g archive drive began to fail. I turned it off to stop degredation and figured when I had the funds, I would invest in a new drive and save the data.

You know how long that took? Months. I finally order a drive, low and behold, the wrong drive. I have EIDE, I bought SATA. Now I’m not going to go into the differences, it boils down to I didn’t have the right part. Blargle.. I let this sit for a month. Then I do some research to get a card that could allow me to use the drive. A compatible card, highly compatible. Great reviews. Great.. Yea, got it off ebay, great card, too bad none of my machines like it. Now I will admit that I do not have the most simple home server. I have a boot sequence that runs; hit an ide drive for boot, bounce to a scsi drive for performance and man root, then have archival size drives for personal effects and extra server bloat. Within that construct I would have to rengineer a new way of all that, and after having what I have for as long as I’ve had it. Yea, we all know how willing we are to do something like that. Heheh.

I let another month slide, and another month, gone. A few days ago I broke down and just blew 90$ on 160g drive. Its been installed tonight and it seems to work like a champ. I raised my other drive from its dormancy, and migrated my data over. I then erased the partitions on the mal drive and formated it for one. Man, it was 180g. Didn’t even realize it I had let so much time pass. After the format it seems to be doing pretty well. I think I’ll write up a few tar backup scripts and start dumping to it like a tape. If it goes bad then I lose backups, if it doesnt, then I have great backups.

Ok.. A lot more time spent writing this than I thought..