Weekend Wedding in Roanoke, VA

We’re heading out of town today to go to Roanoke for my cousin Julia’s wedding. (She’s the third adult from left to right in the picture.) We went to her brother’s wedding in Charleston a few years back, and I got horribly, horribly sick. I don’t know what it was, but I saw my insides so many times I thought it was much longer than the reality of the situation. Since our families know how to throw a party, I am looking forward to participating this time around. Now, if we can all send good vibes to my lovely wife, Robin, she’s been fighting a bit of a throat/chest cold, and we’d like it gone!

I’ll be taking lots of good photos with my new camera. Even took Jeff’s tripod so that our dusky shots can be good for a change instead of the classic Andy-Shaking-Syndrome also known as the ASS shot. Since our good cousin Phillipe is not going to be able to come, he has asked for us to drink an OE and spill some for our missing homey heheh. We’ll drink one for all you other weekend warriors as well.